Friday, June 13, 2008

How To Go Vitamin-hunting And Find The Best Multi-vitamin For You

So you think you need a multi-vitamin? Here is a short guide to help you find the best multi-vitamin product to use.

Do you have a special multi-vitamin requirement?
Everyone needs the same group of vitamins. We only differ on the dosage because of certain differences such as our habits, lifestyles and health condition. A person who doesn't get enough sunlight, for example, will need extra Vitamin D compared to someone who gets regular sunshine.

Age and certain conditions are also a consideration for the type and dose of multi-vitamins you need to use. Children's multi-vitamin requirements, for example, differ from the needs of adult men and adult women. Pregnant women also have special multi-vitamin needs. And as you progress in life, the recommended daily allowance for certain vitamins may also increase or decrease.

How do I find the best multi-vitamin?
When you have so many choices (and we mean many), it can get downright confusing when it comes to deciding which multi-vitamin to buy. One keyword search in the Internet and you'll get millions of hits, each one a promise that it is the best multi-vitamin brand around. So how do you search for the best multi-vitamin for you?

Put your trust on reputation. There are many companies that claim too many things about their products which are often bogus. But then, there are also upstarts that operate an honest-to-goodness business. Check consumer reports or go the Better Business Bureau website and search for complaints lodged against these companies and their products.

Read the label. Don't buy a multi-vitamin product with no labels to indicate the percentage of recommended daily allowances and a list of active ingredients. The label should tell you what each pill consists of and how much of the ingredient was used. If the list of ingredients is not included, you risk taking a multi-vitamin with components that cause side effects.

If there is an ingredient you don't recognize, ask your pharmacist or do some research. Many multi-vitamin products don't just contain vitamins; they also contain herbal ingredients, some of which have unproven effects.

Look for the expiry date. The manufacturing date is also indicated on the label and can indicate that the product is good for 6 months to about 2 years. The multi-vitamin product should also come with a return policy.

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