Friday, May 30, 2008

Dr. Andrew Weil on The Worst Diet

I thought this was very interesting, especially since he mentioned the toxicity of the results. The point is that we get toxins from very interesting places and they need to removed from our bodies regularly.

Natural Cellular Defense helps to remove toxins and can be used daily, click the Waiora link for more details.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Make your health and well being a priority

Many people find they put their own needs on hold to take care of matters at work, at home and in their communities. They take their health for granted, until it isn't there.
Why wait to get sick to start taking care of yourself?
By exercising and eating well now, you may save yourself hours (even years) of sick time in the future.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Exercise Preparation Hints and Guidelines

Proper preparation for an exercise program can serve several purposes.

First, it helps prepare the body physiologically for the program, which means warming up the muscles and preparing the joints for loads. This in turn, decreases the risk of injury and improves general performance during your program.

There are also other non-exercise related aspects of the program can help keep you on track and comfortable with your program. Following is a list of general guidelines:

1. Prior to initiating any type of exercise program, get a physical from your physician, especially if you are overweight, sedentary, over 35 years old, have any heart problems, have a history of heart problems in your family.

2. Set achievable, measurable, attainable, realistic goals also keep it fun.

3. Dress comfortable with material that allows good circulation of air and choose fabrics that absorb perspiration. Choose clothing that won’t restrict your movement, and that has none or few zipper or buttons. Wear good athletic shoes that provide plenty of arch support. Dress for the climate. In cold climate areas it is a good idea to have warm up “sweats” to keep muscles warm and to keep warm after exercise session.

Check with a Wellness Professional for more details regarding specific types of stretches and the activity for your warm up and cool down.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Exercise can be such a bear!

I thought you might enjoy this.
Remember to make your exercise fun,
not un-bearable. smile.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

JT's Video Network

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have created a video network that can be accessed from this blog, it includes videos about computers, personal electronics, beauty, health, music and much more.

JT's Travel Network is the first to be added just click the link and watch, or if you click on the title of this post it will take you to the network site and you can view additional videos.
The purpose of this is to encourage you to get out and get active this summer while traveling or to start traveling more, even locally, nothing is more fun than a good "road trip".

The content will be updated every 3 days so please enjoy and stay tuned.

Note: I have not screened all the videos because the software loaded them for me, so if you run across something that may be "too much for you" or is just plain weird, just close your eyes or blink real fast and go to the next one, smile.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Technology is so cool, this summer I am going to be traveling and will be updating this blog from my phone, I have to keep everyone informed you know, smile.
I'll be posting pictures and other cool stuff so you can feel like you're right there with me walking, talking, eating, sleeping, you guys get the couch.
Ill also be on the lookout for new and creative ways to exercise, have fun, and enjoy life, I encourage you to do the same during your summer activities.

Keeping in the spirit of creativity, here's a fun activity while at work called, office bumper cars. Simply get some chairs, you know the kind with the wheels, roll around the office and crash into each other.
Sound fun doesn't it? By the way make sure you run into the chick that nobody likes, you'll be an instant hero.

When your boss asks what you are doing just let him know John said this was a good way to get some exercise and to promote a healthier, happier, workplace and a happy staff is a more productive staff.
If he doesn't go for it just blame Bob, there's always a Bob in the place who he stays in trouble because he gets blamed for everything anyway. If that doesn't work tell him you you ran into the chick nobody likes.

Until next time,
John T
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Friday, May 9, 2008

That dirty little word.

Let's talk about exercise, you know that dirty little word that very few people like to hear, yeah.
In my opinion, part of the problem is that most people just haven't found a way to exercise that they like and will continue.

The media, bless their darling little hearts, have tried to make us believe that we should look ,dress, and workout a certain way, this is just not so.

I'm going to encourage each of you to think of creative ways to develop and continue a more active lifestyle, here are some simple suggestions:

  • Bowling

  • Frisbee golf

  • Wii sports video games

  • Dancing, alone or with others

  • Playing catch with your kids, your friends, or your friends kids. (Heck borrow a kid if you have to just be sure to return them).

  • Hula hoop

  • Shadow Boxing- This really gets your heart rate up!

  • Walking/Running in place

  • Exercising to a workout video

  • Pretending to be Bruce Lee, one of my personal favorites.

  • Chase the wife/husband around the house,another of my personal favorites, this also gets the heart rate up, if you know what I mean, smile.

This is just a small listing of things that can be done at almost any time or anywhere, so have fun, be creative, and get active.

Until next time,

John T.

PS: Don't forget to check my company store for equipment and other cool stuff to help put your plans into motion.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Daughter's Birthday

Today is my daughters birthday, she turns 20, how did that happen? Ok, ok, I know how it happened but you know what I mean.
This is a special day and we are really going to have fun, by the way I encourage you to pick with your kids like you pick your nose, non-damaging but effective, hey don't look at me like that you know you pick your nose.
Anyway at our house we celebrate everyday from the 1st of the month to your actual day by giving the you a present each day, 12 day limit, my youngest was born on the 29th an would make out like a bandit, not! This is all part of wellness and wholeness, smiling, laughing, and celebrating events in life tend to make happier people and happier people live longer, so if you can't think of anything to celebrate borrow someone elses event or make up one.
Anything for a party!


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