Friday, May 9, 2008

That dirty little word.

Let's talk about exercise, you know that dirty little word that very few people like to hear, yeah.
In my opinion, part of the problem is that most people just haven't found a way to exercise that they like and will continue.

The media, bless their darling little hearts, have tried to make us believe that we should look ,dress, and workout a certain way, this is just not so.

I'm going to encourage each of you to think of creative ways to develop and continue a more active lifestyle, here are some simple suggestions:

  • Bowling

  • Frisbee golf

  • Wii sports video games

  • Dancing, alone or with others

  • Playing catch with your kids, your friends, or your friends kids. (Heck borrow a kid if you have to just be sure to return them).

  • Hula hoop

  • Shadow Boxing- This really gets your heart rate up!

  • Walking/Running in place

  • Exercising to a workout video

  • Pretending to be Bruce Lee, one of my personal favorites.

  • Chase the wife/husband around the house,another of my personal favorites, this also gets the heart rate up, if you know what I mean, smile.

This is just a small listing of things that can be done at almost any time or anywhere, so have fun, be creative, and get active.

Until next time,

John T.

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