Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Daughter's Birthday

Today is my daughters birthday, she turns 20, how did that happen? Ok, ok, I know how it happened but you know what I mean.
This is a special day and we are really going to have fun, by the way I encourage you to pick with your kids like you pick your nose, non-damaging but effective, hey don't look at me like that you know you pick your nose.
Anyway at our house we celebrate everyday from the 1st of the month to your actual day by giving the you a present each day, 12 day limit, my youngest was born on the 29th an would make out like a bandit, not! This is all part of wellness and wholeness, smiling, laughing, and celebrating events in life tend to make happier people and happier people live longer, so if you can't think of anything to celebrate borrow someone elses event or make up one.
Anything for a party!

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