Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

The average family has very limited time for rest and relaxation.

Actually, most Americans are not even getting an adequate amount of sleep to maintain good health.

Parents usually work long hours and children are immersed in homework and extracurricular activities. Most families don't even slow down to eat. Hence, fast food has become a huge industry.

Unfortunately this type of eating also compromises health. Solutions to these unending problems are hard to come by, but start by setting priorities and carving out time each night to relax as a family. Start small (a half hour) and build up to more time.

Tips to family relaxation:

  • Set priorities

  • Set aside at least a half an hour each day to relax as a family (no work, homework, or fixing dinner)

  • Try to do a fun relaxing activity rather than just watching T.V. (i.e. play a board game, listen to a radio show, or read a book together)

  • Don't talk about serious issues during this time.

Have fun and learn to enjoy each other all over again.

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